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All prices are reduced by 75% until 30.06.2021! All Qanva products come with a 14 day trial for hassle free testing!

A new mobile menu
for easy handling

Our Movable Mobile Menu in use

The Movable Mobile Menu improves navigation on mobile devices.

The price is 19,99€1 for a single license.

Where is your menu in a mobile view?

On top as a little “burger”?
Why not where your user wants it?

Movable Mobile Menu enables this. After loading it is in the middle of the screen. The user can drag and drop it where he feels comfortable with it. Tapping the “burger” will open an overlay with your menu. Two extra buttons can be added, for example with you phone number for a direct call or a mailto link or back to your home page.

You can style this menu container as well its icons, the menu and the links in the menu.

Now it is possible to navigate a website with only one hand holding the mobile device. Try it yourself. We use it on this website.

Make your thumbs happy.

Our Movable Mobile Menu in use

19,99 €1

All purchases and product fulfillment are through freemius – a trusted reseller for this plugin.
1. All prices are without VAT. The value added tax is calculated at the time of payment depending on your place of residence.

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