Powertools for Elementor*

Accelerates your workflow

This plugin for Elementor* allows you to have a customized workflow

Uwe Kischkel


A new feature for Elementor*

Add special settings to accelerate your workflow with Elementor*:

Open your pages, post or templates from a jumplist.

Also clone posts, pages or templates directly in Elementor*.

Save your favorite widgets and retrieve them on another installation.

Allow more than 2 widget-buttons in a row
(optional: remove WP-widgets, remove widget names, show widget names as tooltipp)

Remove Google fonts and Fontawsome from frontend
(DSGVO compliance)



WordPress 5.x or higher & Elementor*



When you are familiar with Elementor, you can remove the widget names and show them as a tooltipp when hovering over a widget.

You also may set the amount of widgets in a row to 3 or 4, which saves a lot of space and makes the widget panel clearer.

At last you can remove the standard WordPress widgets, as according to experience they a seldom used when working with Elementor.


This may be handy in some cases, but now you don’t have to leave Elementor for this.


When using Elementor favorite widgets, you now can save them extern and retrieve them on another installation.
The combination of email and password gets an one-way encoding and get stored with your favorite widgets here on qanva.tech.

Notice: no other information get’s stored!

When starting a new project you can retrieve this stored favorites just by entering the email/password combination.
You can store multiple sets of favorite widgets, just use another password or email.

Very important:

In case you retrieve a set that contains a widget that is not available (like from 3. party plugins), Elementor will crash.
The regular WordPress backend is still available and you go to the settingspage of Qanva Powertools and reset the favorite widgets. Elementor then will work again.


Yes, there is the Finder, but our Quickchanger gives you a list of all posts, pages, templates and landingpages. This makes it much easier to find the next one you want to work with.


Another feature to improve your workflow is the cloning function for pages, posts, templates and landingpages.  When doing so, you can directly give that clone a new name and permalink. No need to leave Elementor and use the WordPress editor.

Google Fonts /Fontawsome:

Using Google fonts and Fontawsome icons may not be DSGVO compliant. If you are not shure if so, you can remove them by setting the switches we have.

Elementor has features to host your own fonts and icons.

The settings page:

You can add buttons to the Elementor panel linking to WordPress backend or to an individual link. These links are shown on the right side then and can also be removed there.


The other settings speak for themself.