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Timecontrolled Display for Elementor*

Display your elements by time, date, day and month

This plugin allows you to display elements only on certain dates, days or months.

Uwe Kischkel


A new feature for Elementor*

If you want to show elements only on certain days, months or time, this is you easy way to do it.

For excample show an emerency phone-number only betwen Fridays 0:00 O’Clock and Monday 8:00 O’Clock.



WordPress 5.x or higher & Elementor*


Timecontrolled Display Settings

First choose a timezone. This way even user in another timezone will see (or not) your element by settings regarding this timezone.

You then can choose between the whole year or certain months when the following settings will be valid.

Then you have the opportunity to choose certain days and of course a start- and endtime (smallest period is 15 minutes).

After saving you can switch the settings on and off without loosing their values.

To know which elements got settings by Qanva Timecontrolled Display we added an icon to this section.

Clicking on it will open the widget settings.

Screenshot of Timecontrolled Display

The choosen element gets hidden on every wednesday.

Timecontrolled Display Icon in Elementor section

PRO Version

The PRO version has some extra features.


Select a date range

Set a range from date to date in which the settings should apply.
Instead of only full months, you can start at any date and also end on any date.


Use multiple conditions

The PRO Version allows to set multiple conditions. So you can, for example, apply a setting only for saturday and another one only for sundays or a date range from 1. December to 24. December and another one from 1. January to 2. January.