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Welcome to the future
of WordPress admin area.

The WordPress admin area is overloaded with modules. But it is the most used content management system in the whole world. There are tens of thousands of plugins. Hundreds of thousands of themes. Millions of web designers. And billions of websites using WordPress. Now there is a admin area that makes managing and using your WordPress-based website so easy: Quickdashboard.

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What You Need Is What You Get. WYNIWYG is so powerful that you don’t want to miss it! The less unimportant modules and functions, the more effective is the work with WordPress.

How it works

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This step is a leap.

I am Web Designer

Without Quickdashboard:

A professional designer or developer designs websites that serve a given purpose. Surely there are other possible applications, but we focus here on a typical customer request. A new website where all employees form an editorial team and write contributions to a blog, which are then finally forwarded to the social networks. This includes the management of the necessary media such as photos and videos. In addition, the editorial manager wants to be able to manage the respective employees, create new ones and delete those that have left.

Now you can go and give the editorial manager all the administrator rights in WordPress and then has access to all functions. This way is the longest and most expensive! The final necessary editor training usually takes place after the new website is completed and can take several days, depending on the level of knowledge.

With Quickdashboard:

Ideally, you can bring your client and, for example, their editorial team on board as soon as the design phase is complete and WordPress is installed.

Even before the website handover, Quickdashboard now comes into play! While the website is being created, your client is already getting to know the WordPress backend in its new more efficient form. And that is with Quickdashboard. There he gets to see only what is necessary for the purpose of his website. No more and no less. And not only when the website is ready, but immediately!

Moreover, the design of the Quickdashboard corresponds to the corporate design of the company. Thanks to Quickdashboard, the admin area of the new website no longer looks like an untidy chaotic toolbox!

Build your brand. Not your workload.

I am a client

Without Quickdashboard:

Whether you’re an entrepreneur running a startup or a freelancer. You’ve chosen to use WordPress as the basis for your new business website with good reason. This is only cost and time efficient until the website is ready. After that, a long period of WordPress training starts for you with a lot of frustration and little desire. You feel with the WordPress dashboard like a student pilot who has first flight experience, but now sits in the cockpit of a jumbo jet, but only wants to fly as fast as possible.

But you wanted to bring your business further forward and your new website should support you. Instead, you’re poring over WordPress manuals and stuck in hours and days of training. It is to despair!

Stay in the cockpit! We’ll throw out everything you don’t need and you’ll be up and running in no time.

With Quickdashboard:

With the Quickdashboard, everything becomes more cost and time efficient. If you have contracted an agency, then you can have them install the Quickdashboard for you. If not, you can easily install and use QuickdashboardFREE yourself for free. Or you can buy QuickdashboardPRO and set up your very own WordPress admin area. Very simple and easy.

Fall in love with WordPress - again.

I am a User

You are an experienced user and already know WordPress very well. But you also want to inspire others with this fantastic content management system? Then show everyone what you can do and inspire everyone with the features of WordPress without having to explain much and use the free QuickdashboardFREE. With it you are much faster and search less the just needed function.

We support you and provide you with the basic version of Quickdashboard in the WordPress repository – that’s where you find all the great plugins for WordPress.

Welcome to QANVA.


See the benefits.

WordPress Dashboard
Quickdashboard (FREE/PRO/PRO+)
For large and small teams
Cost efficient
Short trainings
Time efficient
Easy to learn
Corporate design possible
Usable before launch
Mobile ready for pads and pen operation!
WYNIWYG - What You Need Is What You Get
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