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All prices are reduced by 75% until 30.06.2021! And that’s not all! All Qanva products come with a 14 day trial for hassle free testing!


The Quickdashboard puts the finishing touches on each of your WordPress projects and ensures a smooth transfer to your customer. Training on WordPress is drastically shortened and your customer will quickly find his way around his new website.

A must-have in every WordPress.

WEBDESIGNER You know the fun of working with WordPress when creating new websites. But you also know the pain, explaining all the modules on the admin area to a client who is not familiar with WordPress. Especially which module are better not touched!

QUICKDASHBOARD Your solution for this!
With Quickdashboard you are able to choose which module will be allowed for a certain user role. This role, we called it “Quickdashboard”, given to an account enables a custom WorkSpace, from where this user only got access to the selected modules. Right for this role is managed by Quickdashboard.

Clients benefit You client logs in to a clear WorkSpace and quickly finds the modules he needs. You only need to explain those modules and save your and your clients time.

Make your Clients happy.




All purchases and product fulfillment are through freemius – a trusted reseller for this plugin.


See the difference.

WordPress Modules​
User role oriented​
User name oriented
White Label​
Individual setting per user
Prevents URL manipulation
Styling of Module-Link-Buttons
Styling of Dashboard Background​
Adding a Logo
Determing your own order of Module-Link-Butttons
Dublicate settings from one to another user
Package of 20 licenses​

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Frequently Asked Questions.


Quickdashboard is first and foremost a new software that reduces the complex handling of WordPress to what is essential for the user. It is suitable for everyone who wants to use your WordPress website immediately according to its own purpose, without first having to undergo time-consuming training on all WordPress functions.

From our experience from over 20 years of web design we know that a customer with a great website is frustrated in no time because WordPress is too much for him. Countless trainings do not help because WordPress lacks an intuitive handling. First of all it is important to know what purpose the new WordPress website should serve. Furthermore it is important to know how well your customer already knows WordPress. Depending on the level of knowledge, you will definitely help him to learn how to use his new WordPress website much faster with Quickdashboard. With Quickdashboard you can let your customer get started with WordPress already in the development phase with his own account! He can then immediately familiarize himself with the functions for which the website is being built.

1. Install WordPress
2. Install Quickdashboard
3. Activate the required functions in Settings -> Quickdashboard Settings
4. Create an additional user and give him the Administrator role
5. Send your client the user data and show him how to login with WordPress.


Yes, Quickdashboard is mobile ready. The handling is possible by touch as well as by pen.

1. All prices are without VAT. The value added tax is calculated at the time of payment depending on your place of residence.

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