Quickdashboard for WordPress

Your customers new WordPress admin area!

Quickdashboard Pro is a tool that
enables a complete new
manageable WordPress admin area.

Reiner Schmeinck


Make your Clients happy.

We guess, you know the situation when handing over the new WordPress website to a customer who has never worked with WordPress: big eyes and a virtual question mark on his forehead!

He then takes pen and paper to note down where to find the important modules for him. Lets hope he wont loose it.

Now you show your customer a back end that has the same design like the website.

Buttons link only to the necessary modules. These are styled, sorted and even renamed according to your needs. Now everything is clear and there is no possibility of wrongdoing. You don’t want your customer to be able to edit plugins or change the theme just to “try it out”.

Even if the URL is manipulated, nothing can go wrong, as Quickdashboard Pro has its own rights management.



  • Personalizable Dashboard
  • User name oriented
  • White Label
  • Not for WordPress Multisite



WordPress 5.x or higher